Who’s DJ Endowed Adams? Online Chat with The Funky DJ, His Past Experience, Fans Expectation And The WayForward On His Career

Online Chat with Woskie TV

Woskie: Good morning My DJ

Dj Endowed: Good morning Mr Tony

Woskie: Can we meet you please.. Who is DJ Endowed Adam ?

Dj Endowed: DJ endowed Adams is a professional deejay/sound engineer, based in abj/kogi.

Woskie: Okay
This’s brief and Nice

Dj Endowed: Thank you

Woskie: Do you mind sharing your
Past Experiences and Wayforward in Entertainment (DJ) scene

Dj Endowed: Hmmm it has not been easy Mr Tony, but we thank God, I have been in this game for like 13 years now professionally, I sometimes play free events just to be known, I take little money for events when I started djing just to be known too.

At times after some events I will not be able to even get food for myself Because I have no money, but i never gave up cuz I always believe in better days ahead.

Nobody supported me financially, not even my family members and close friends

But thank God I have friends like Dj slamin jay, Mc prof, Anthony Emeje, did well in promoting me to the public, linking me up with good events, telling people about me how good I can play even when I was still coming up

It’s was not easy at all but we thank God now, things are getting better day by day, now I take events in abj 250k. I do take events in kogi 100k now

Woskie: Waooo…. So good to hear these.
Consistency and Hardwork is the key.
And above all, you never stopped believing in your dreams

Please can you relate with Woskie TV in regards to some of you major events and if possible some photos or videos, even your official DJ mix(s) so our new subscribers can atleast feel your skills, while we keep anticipating for something major from you after this Lockdown 🙌

Dj Endowed: Ok… I will do just that

check out Dj Endowed’s Freestyle Mix

Tagged: REMIX OF JUNE MIX 2020

Download MIx

Woskie: Waooo…. This’s wonderful 👍👍

Dj Endowed: Thank u very much

Woskie: We believe fans will get more groovy with your funky skills after the Lockdown

Dj Endowed: Very well by the special grace oh Almighty God I’m going to get new sounds after the corona issue and we go party hard

U knw how I play both old skool and new skool, am not just ur regular Dj

Woskie: You’re not just a Regular DJ…. You’re a special One
Woskie TV celebrates you!

Dj Endowed: Thank you very much

Woskie: Please Before you leave; what are your words of encouragement to the upcoming/ aspiring DJs who are looking up to you as a Role Model ?

Dj Endowed: What I can say is; never give up even if you are not getting anything now

Keep trying your best and respect people wia de there b4 you… even if you better pass dem give them the respect

Woskie: Yeah… best lines Man.

Finally,What do you have to say to your fans out there?

Dj Endowed: Thanks for believing in Dj Endowed Adams, I promise I will continue to make you Guys happy /proud and after the lockdown when am back from Lagos I’m going to do a very large giveaway for all my faithful fans

Woskie: Waooo… Me go join make I fit win give away😁
You know I be your super fan too.

Dj Endowed: Lol u are a made man bro

You no need am

you are doing very well and I’m super proud of you.

Woskie: Thank you DJ Edowed

Nice time with you…
Woskie TV Do really appreciate you for your time.
And we wish all the best in the industry.

Stay safe Brother 🙌

You are so welcome mr Tony

Dj Endowed: You are so welcome mr Tony

More Photos/ videos from DJ Endowed

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