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Please Advise Me: I Have An Over Dependent Girlfriend, The Relationship Is Demoralizing Me- Anonymous

Anonymous man in a business shirt with arms crossed against a dark backgroundLet me not bore you guys with my relationship history but this girl is my first love, i met her while i was in school 300l. Ever since then i have always been there for her despite even having a low budget as student because I’m not from a wealthy home, even her parents has times10 more than my family. But despite that i try all i could to maintain my role in the relationship because i don’t fancy myself asking anything from my girlfriend.

Before anything else i need to tell little about my girlfriend, she is beautiful and nice. Almost every guy wants to woo her and all of that. Aside of that my girlfriend is very stingy to me, she can never allow her anything be in my possession, she doesn’t have this idea that we could end up one day though she will always say something close to it only during fun time. But when she is at her leisures she will say how she fancy how husband to be and all of that which i no I’m not the person she could had been referring to. That not even my major issue.

She always been cruel when she asks me for anything and i refuse to give her maybe i don’t have or just don’t see needs to do so.
I also discovered that most of our fun times comes immediately money enters my hand. Because i remember when i was in school my first 800k i made was finished and squandered with her, i haven’t dated anyother or even have another girl since i met her. Because i try to make her feel comfortable because i no how many guys wish her to be with her. So secondly i made another 1m i squandered it with her too. But when this money just finish guyz i always see hell in her. This was the ups an downs i was experiencing till i finished my school with her. It was a shame for me upon the money i made in school i graduated with zero account looking for money for my law school. I wasn’t fortunate to get any help so i sat back to Hustle. Then i was begging looking for helper to assist me when i saw one big opportunity that i need to take but it the opportunity required money as my account was bleeding zero. I begged everyone including my girlfriend but she told me she doesn’t have even if she happened to get money for me i will pay her interest. This words alone made me cry, did you no instead of helping me out she told me I’m not the only one that needs help she also need to invest on her self which she was right i believe her. She later invested her money in one fraudulent sheme which she lost the money.

FastTrack to what is happening now, i later got help from someone who offered me 50k and my mum 20k making it 70k i picked myself up and started my Hustle again. Within three months i made 800k again. All this times i was giving her update about my business and earnings. Could you imagine she had the gut to ask for money despite her behaviors. Because of my nature i don’t believe someone’s bad nature should change my own nature so i still sent her some money because i also no she is broke.

Since then i just forgot about what she did and all of those stuffs because my money kept coming and i don’t keep grudges i keep taking care of her. Now i had issue with my business i want to fix something up i was also telling her. this girl went ahead to start asking me to send her money. I was really disappointed i protested because i noticed when i have money i become very careless. It seems money covers so many things.
I just need advice because i think it is time to let her go coz with her nature and type of girl it might end in tears for me. All she do is stay on social media, snap and post and look for who will send her money. No skills, i have begged her several times to look for something to be doing she refused and tells me how her dad won’t allow her. She doesn’t listen to me, always feel like boss when little money enter her hand. Guys i really love her but i think it is time to seek help because i will regret if this continues.

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